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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Moving On.

Ok.  So, quite a bit has happened since I last blogged.  Like time.  Quite a lot of time has passed since I last blogged.  Whoops.  I guess I was busy.  It's only been 21 months.  No bigs.  Right???  Anyway, since that time, I'm now a stay at home momma with one preschooler and a first grader.  

Also, I have gotten into paper crafting and making cards.  So, in addition to my crazy musings about life and random recipes that people like, I'll add in cards and crafts that I make.  Very few of my ideas are original.  In fact, some of my best ideas are stolen from very talented people that I stalk follow on Pinterest.  Here are some of my most recent creations...

Well, I suppose this means that my blog is no longer "vintage".  I am now modern and trendy.  I suppose there is a first time for everything.  

Signing off for now.  ;)


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